Aberdeen Country Park

In the fourth episode of Hike Your Hike, DJ and George take on a trail that is more beginner-friendly. It’s an easy and pleasant hike with some stunning views of the historical buildings and Southern District in the Aberdeen Country Park.

The Yellow Dragon

In the third episode of Hike Your Hike, we are joined by Dan Canavan for what DJ thinks is one of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets. The Yellow Dragon is not for everyone though. It’s steep, tough, and at times dangerous. Check out how DJ and Dan got on as they set out to tame the dragon.

Map bellow:

Buffalo hill

In the second episode of Hike Your Hike, a Drone and Phone subscriber comes along and challenges DJ and George to a hike up to Buffalo Hill. It’s short, tough and at times steep, but there is much to recommend on this stunning adventure in the Ma On Shan Country Park.

Map below:

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