Victoria Peak – a hidden country walk above the city

EP 5 – Hong Kong’s Five Best Walks

Few visitors to Hong Kong miss a trip up Victoria Peak, but few choose to walk up. There are many routes, the gentlest starts on the backside in Pok Fu Lam past the reservoir and along a narrow road. Once you reach the bustling square, find Lugard road to escape the crowds and enjoy a one hour looping road that affords spectacular views around the peak. I started after lunch, timing the walk to finish back at the galleria at sunset to watch the lights come up over the city followed by dinner with a view and a bus home.

Take a bus to Pok Fu Lam reservoir stop and follow the road up into the country park. Continue up to the Peak following the signs until you reach the Galleria. Look for Lugard road on your left and walk the loop back to the Galleria where there is transport back to the city.

The Peak MAP

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