Sharp Peak – an isolated, tough walk with wild sea views

EP 3 – Hong Kong’s Five Best Walks

Not for the faint hearted this is by far the toughest walk of the five. So tough that a sign warns you “For safety reason, you are advised not to proceed.” But with the pain comes plenty of gain. Wild desolate beaches, abandoned villages and a feeling of complete isolation from the bustling metropolis that lies just beyond view. It’s a long day with the commute both ways so you may want to rent a tent on the beach and make a weekend of it. This walk should not be missed.

Take bus no.7 to the Sai Kung Country Park Visitor’s Center, then a local taxi to the Sai Wan Pavilion. From there set off along the path to Ham Tin Wan from where you set off up to Sharp peak. From there descend down to Chek Keng where you can take a ferry out or walk over to Pak Tam road.

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