Lamma Island – beaches, fishing villages and jungle

Lamma Island – beaches, fishing villages and jungle

EP 4 – Hong Kong’s Five Best Walks

Lamma is the biggest of the car free outlying islands, making it perfect for a full day of exploration on foot. My root started at the northern tip and took me through thick jungle to Hung Shing Ye beach where the walk switches to a coastal hike to the fishing village of Sok Kwu Wan. If you are lucky, or unlucky depending on your love for all things wild, you may see a wild boar or python snake. Both are common sightings in Lamma’s outback. No need for a pack lunch on this trip with plenty of restaurants offering great seafood choices. There is a loop in the southern part of the island if you want to spend time at the beach or a walk to the southern trip where a ferry returns you to Hong Kong island.

Take the ferry from Aberdeen promenade to Pak Kok and walk on the path to the north tip of the island. Take a small path to the cable road, which you can follow through the jungle to Hung Shing Ye beach. From the far end of the beach continue south to Sok Kwu Wan and then along the coast to Mo Tat Wan from where you can take a ferry back to Aberdeen.

Lamma Island MAP

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