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In the last of DJ’s picks for Hong Kong’s five best walks, DJ and George take on the toughest of them all — North and South Heaven’s Gates on Lantau.Warning: This hike nearly pushes George to tears. Map below:

In this episode DJ and George visit Pat Sin Leng ridge, climbing the eight peaks along the way. Old villages, forests, a little Chinese mythology, and a waterfall packed into a hike. Map below:

In this episode, DJ takes George to his backyard walk — Lamma Island. They take on a long scenic hike including war caves, a turtle beach, mountains, and never-ending steps. Can George make it to the end? Watch to find out. Map below:

DJ and George conquer Sharp Peak in Sai Kung as they take on the second of DJ’s five best Hong Kong walks. Long sandy beaches, tough scree slopes and one magnicent ridge all included. Can George get past raoming cattle and wild boar? Watch to find out. Map below:

DJ is back to make his five picks of Hong Kong’s best hikes. In the first episode DJ and George start up on The Peak, climb up to Mount High West and set off on the Hing King trail. George even challenges DJ to a race. Who will win? Map below: