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In the fifth and final episode on the Lantau trail we take on sections 10,11 and 12 in a 20 km hike. A long flat walk high above Hong Kong’s longest beach. A dramatic final stretch up and over a peninsula to finish off the Lantau trail. Beaches, waterfalls, forests and of course the cows. See the maps for Section 10, Section 11 and Section 12

In the fourth episode on the Lantau trail, we take on sections seven, eight and nine in a 23 KM hike. A dramatic secluded coast walk that will surprise anyone. Discover rare old farming communities and deserted villages. Isolated beaches, an old fort, challenging paths and more wondering cows. D J Clark makes his way from Tai O to Shui Hau. See the maps for Section 7, Section 8 and Section 9

In the third episode on the Lantau trail we take on sections five and six. An escape from the crowds along an open ridge. An idyllic fishing village with much to explore. Hidden temples, wandering cows, stilted houses, and peaks galore all this and much much more as D J Clark makes his way from Sham Wat Road to Tai O. See the maps for Section 5  & Section 6

In the second episode on the Lantau trail we take on sections three and four. Epic views from Hong Kong’s second tallest peak. An up and down and all around this walk has something for everyone. Big Buddha’s, giant sculptures, the occasional cow and a peak to rival all others. See the maps for Section 3 & Section 4

In the first of a new series covering the much overlooked Lantau Long Trail we take on sections one and two. Sections one is a simple road walk from Mui Wo up to Nam Shan. Here you leave the road and start a long climb up to Sunset peak on section two before descending down to the Tung Chung road. The 70 km Lantau trail takes you on a loop from Mui Wo West over Sunset and Lantau peaks before a ridge walk to Tai O. From there you follow the coast around the south of the island back to Mui Wo. See the maps for Section 1 & Section 2