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In the final episode of this series, George is off to explore Tung Lung Chau, an island situated off the tip of Clear Water Bay Peninsula. Ancient rock carvings, majestic lighthouse, and stunning natural landscapes…He says this is the most beautiful place in the world…So now you got to check out the video! #DroneAndPhone#TungLungChau#Hiking#Drone#HongKongSHOW LESS

In this fourth episode of the Island Explorations Series, George takes his friend to swim across a sea channel and hike up to the peak of the little-known Middle Island in Repulse Bay. The view is absolutely amazing! #DroneAndPhone #MiddleIsland #RepulseBay #Hiking

In the third episode of the Island Explorations Series, George is off to check out a once major fishing market, Crooked Island, and the smallest inhabited island of Hong Kong, Ap Chau. Historical villages, sea arches, and a glassy sea – follow his steps on this comprehensive explorations of islands in Hong Kong. #DroneAndPhone #CrookedIsland #ApChau #Hiking

In the second episode of the Island Explorations Series, George is out on the island of Ma Shi Chau. A spectacular natural land bridge and various kinds of sedimentary rocks from about 280 million years ago – the island is a geological wonder. Follow us on Instagram: droneandphonedp #DroneAndPhone #MaShiChau #Hiking #UNESCO #Geopark

In this brand new series of Drone and Phone, George is out exploring five deserted island around Hong Kong. In the first episode, he is off to a little island located in the most easterly point of Hong Kong – Tung Ping Chau. Its geographical features are one of a kind in Hong Kong.For the earlier episode on scuba diving in Tung Ping Chau: #DroneAndPhone #TungPingChau #Hiking

Thinking about an easy weekend getaway from the city? In this episode, George takes Chloe, an amateur hiker, to hike up a stream that goes from Shek Mun Kap to Pak Kung Au. Take a look and plan your next day trip!

Yim Tin Tsai has much to explore but is only accessible by a ferry service on the weekend. Hire a boat from Sai Kung on the weekday and you escape the crowds. From the pier I walked up to the church and museum (both closed on weekdays) and into the village. The ruins of  the 19th century Hakka settlement are mainly untouched and bear the signs of the Catholic evangelization that happened later in the communities history. Combine a walk through the village with a wonder through the mangroves and salt plains to get the most from the trip. It’s a great place for photographers. More information and a map HERE.

Tap Mun, also known as grass island, is the best of the five islands for local culture and easy walking. The island is reasonably flat but has some great routes in the north of the island for walkers wanting to escape the crowds. Although there are no formal beaches, the waters are crystal clear and fun for paddling and rock jumping. More information and a map HERE. Starting at East Point, take bus 101M to Sai Kung Pier. Transfer to bus No.7 to Ko Tong then change to bus 94 to Wong Shek pier. After that, take ferry to Tap Mun Pier.

If you are looking for an island with great white sand beaches, clear water swimming and a little adventure, Sharp island is for you. Just a short trip from Sai Kung pier, this is a great getaway both for sun seekers and hikers – even better if you want both. More information and a map HERE.

If getting away from the crowds is your objective it does not get much more remote than Po Toi. Known as the South Pole of Hong Kong, this small island has a myriad of small paths around it’s rocky shores and up into the hills above. Information on how to get there and a good map can be found HERE. Starting with East Rail Line and get off at Tai Po Market station.