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A long peaceful walk all within the city with crags to climb, lakes to cross and caves to discover. The Seven Star Crags has beautifully manicured gardens, Buddhist & Taoist idols, classical bridges and trees that grow out of the water. The ticket to the park costs 78 Yuan and be bought at one of the three entrances. The easiest way to get in is by walking from Paifang square between Xinghu West Road and Xinghu Avenue. No need for a guide for this one as there are plenty of maps around the park to help you find your way.

Take a bus from the Yueyun East long distance bus terminal to Huaiji and from there ask for the local bus to Qiaotou. The journey takes around three hours in total and costs about 60 yuan RMB. From the bus station in Qiaotou, it’s a pleasant 3km wlak to the Black Cave.  A ticket for the cave costs 50 yuan RMB. If you want to go over the mountain following the route in this episode, once you go through the cave ask a local to take you up and over the hill. There are no official guides so you will need to bargain a price with them we suggest 50 RMB. Ask them to take you over the hill to Shangen village following the sheep trails. From there you can take a bus to the start of the 7km walk or find a taxi to Longshan Scenic Spot ,Fengkai. Start the…

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It’s a 1.5 hour bus ride out of Zhaoqing to reach Guangning but there are regular comfortable buses from the star lake hotel long distance bus station. To get to the bamboo forests take a second local bus from the main bus station after you arrive to Heng Shan Zhen and get off at the Luo Guo stop. To reach the amazing view at the top of the hill above Gushizhen take the Meng Keng  bus and ask to be dropped off at the village. Then ask around for the path that leads up the hill behind one of the village houses. If you need an English speaking guide try, Jason Deng, 8613556528500 Jacky Jian, 13602985801 Vicky Zhou,17181378861

In the second episode from Zhaoqing we visit one of Guangdong’s most popular tourist sites, plus hike a 10km gorge walk along an ancient path. Waterfalls, lakes, mountains and rivers all included as we take on Dinghu mountain and a walk back to Zhaoqing city. To get there take bus 21 from Renmin road south to Dinghu Shan – the trip costs just 2 RMB. At the entrance you need to buy a 78 RMB ticket to get in. From the exit take a taxi to Huang Cun or number 6 bus from the Kang Kou station that also takes you to the start of the trail. At the end of the trail look for the number 1 bus that will you back into town. If you need an English speaking guide try, Jason Deng, 8613556528500 Jacky Jian, 13602985801 Vicky Zhou,17181378861

In the first of a new series D J Clark travels to the three villages of Li Cha, Cheng Hu and Cha Tang in the Zhaoqing district. they all have classical Lingnan architecture from the Song dynasty with ancestral temples and classical wok-handle shaped roofs. Li Cha is the crown jewel with it’s octagon shape layout surrounded by water. To get to the starting point of the three villages walk take bus 315 from railway station bus station. The ride takes about 50 minutes, costs 10 RMB and leaves every half an hour. Tell the driver to stop and notify you at Li Cha. There is a 20 RMB charge to enter the village. It’s fun to explore Li Cha on foot, and difficult to get lost as it’s surrounded by water. Outside the village their are many restaurants with local country cooking, if it’s too early to eat don’t…

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