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For animal lovers and suitable for all the family: – join a horse-trek and wind your way through Yangshuo’s mountains and rivers with ease, soaking up the quiet pastoral vibes, before heading out for a drone’s eye overview!

A drive away from Yang Shuo lies what has got to be one of China’s most magnificent sights. The Long Ji Rice Terraces pour off the towering mountains, creating a mesmerizing locale for an exploration on foot – if time allows, spend a couple of days here.

Yang Shuo has many beautiful fresh mountain springs and rivers, tumbling off the mountains. And now, you can tumble off them too! Grab a buddy, jump in a rubber raft and follow the rapids – warning: you may split your sides from all the laughs and excitement of this adventure.

The dramatic karst scenery of Yang Shuo is a climber’s paradise, and provides the perfect location to learn, or enhance, your crag-clinging skills! Try not to fall off as you admire the natural beauty from a different perspective…

The first in the new series in a stunning new location – Drone and Phone takes the adventure to Yangshuo in Guangxi province, China! Lose yourself in the laid-back life and the wonderful sights of the area on a leisurely cycle ride. Just a taste of what’s to come!