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In the forth episode of the water adventure series, DJ and George go coasteering around the tip of Tung Chung — Pak Kok, the “seven colors shore”. They climb, they jump, they swim, and they meet a fan. Guess who is the most popular presenter of the show? See the map HERE:

Come get on board and sail with DJ and George! In this new episode of Drone and Phone, they go rafting and snorkeling in Hoi Ha Marine Park, a protected coral area with numerous underwater wonders… maybe even dolphins? See the map HERE:

Waterfall, waterfall, waterfall, and waterfall. In the second episode of the water adventure series, DJ and George climb up the side of Hong Kong’s tallest mountain and discover four waterfalls on a single trail. See the map here:

In the first episode of a brand new water adventure series, DJ and George go coasteering in Hong Kong’s Southern District. Following the coastal ridge and diving into the sea…wait, is there a shark coming at them?

Gong Yani started her career as a synchronised swimmer when she was six years old. Originally from Wenzhou, in Zhejiang, her father believed she would have the chance of a better life if she joined the team. Her life since then has been through many ups and downs as she has struggled to progress to the senior team and have a shot at competing in the National championships. Her ultimate goal is to join the Chinese Olympic team. Coming back from a career threatening injury Yani is now captain of the Hunan Provincial team and working hard towards her goal. All shot on an iPhone.

In the second Drone and Phone special episode Rory Mackay from takes us on an adventure across Hong Kong’s biggest island.

This week Drone and Phone takes a diversion back to biking the beautiful Lamma Island in southern Hong Kong. Shooting the original episode, where David Ogg takes us through biking safety, was cut short by rain so here we return with him to finish the job. Please note David is an experienced mountain biker and riding at speed down these trails can be dangerous for both the rider and walkers. In the making of this video we sent someone in advance to check the paths were clear of walkers  which we would also recommend for anyone seeking the trill of speed on these paths.