In our survey this came up number three, but in my book, this is Hong Kong’s best hike. At 20 kilometers, with a fair amount of climbing, it’s a tough one but the rewards for those who make it are well worth the effort.

For much it, you are following MacLehose Trail Section 2 as it winds its way from the High Island Reservoir to Pak Tam Au, taking in three world-class beaches on the way. This route has an important detour that adds the Ham Tin and Tung Wan beaches, as well as a stunning ridge walk all the way up to Sharp Peak.

There is something in this hike for everyone: stunning beaches, awe-inspiring mountains, a geopark and ancient villages. You need a long day to complete it, so be prepared to get up early and finish late as reaching the start and finish points from the city needs some time.

Distance: 20 KM

Difficulty: 4

Time: 7 hours

Distance: 20km

 Difficulty: 4

  Time: 7 Hours


Start with a taxi or a minibus from the Sai Kung pier out to High Island Reservoir East Dam.

Use the opportunity to check out the hexagonal columns below you in the geopark before setting off on the MacLehose Trail Section 2 towards Long Ke Wan.

The hike over to the first beach is relatively easy with some good views back over the reservoir.

Make a 300-meter climb to Sai Wan Shan before slowly descending to the village and a beach of the same name. There are a few shops and restaurants here to restock before continuing the trail over to Ham Tin beach. At Ham Tin, leave MacLehose Trail and continue along the beach, over the river and through the restaurants. As you make your way through the back of the village, look for the Sharp Peak path off to the right that takes you over to the Tai Wan beach.

Continue to Tung Wan beach, behind which you will find the path up the ridge to Mai Fan Teng and then up to Sharp Peak.

Walk on the other side of Sharp Peak coming down to Nam She Au where you continue straight along the Sharp Peak path, until you arrive back up at MacLehose Trail.

Turn right here, and continue past the picturesque village of Chek Kang to Pak Tam Au where you will be able to catch regular buses going back to Sai Kung.