A fun 20km hike with monkeys, reservoirs and the best view in town.

At 957 meters Tai Mo Shan is Hong Kong’s tallest peak. This walk has a good mix of reservoir, forest and mountain as it combines sections from the Wilson and Maclehose trails to wind it’s way up to the peak before a sharp dropback down to Route Twisk.

The hike can be divided into three sections. The first 7km is flat along a good path that follows the waters edge. Watch out for the monkeys along the way. The second 7km is a slow climb of around 900 meters, first in the forest and then above the tree line where the views open up. From the top of Tai Mo Shan you can see most of the SAR and Shenzhen behind you.

Distance: 20km

 Difficulty: 3

  Time: 6 Hours


From Kwai Hing MTR take the mini bus to the Shing Mun reservoir and work your way round to the start of the Wilson Trail section 7.

At the north end of the reservoir you will reach a road where you turn left following the Wilson Trail. Follow the road all the way to Lead Mine Pass where you leave the Wilson Trail and turn left onto the MacLehose Trail section 8.

Continue climbing to the peak of Sz Fong Shan after which you drop down to join a road that will take you up to the top of Tai Mo Shan.

The road down comes out onto Route Twisk where there are buses and taxis that can take you back to Tsuen Wan.