high junk peak

One amazing ridge walk with clear blue water below and a view right down Victoria Harbor. This is a relatively easy ridge walk with easy access from the city. It starts with a fishing village and a beautiful temple, then follows a ridge with outstanding views. You can always finish at Clear Water Bay if you fancy a dip at the end of the hike.

It reserves the number 10 spot in our top 10 hikes. Well deserved as far as we can see.

Distance: 7km

 Difficulty: 2

  Time: 3 Hours


Take a mini bus or taxi from Hang Hau to Tei Tong Teng. At the drop off make your way down to Hong Kong’s largest Tin Hau temple.

From there return back to the starting point and look for the path on your left to Ha Shan Tuk.

After passing Ha Shan Tuk, the view over Clear Water Bay opens up on your right, and a long view down Victoria Harbor on your left.

As you come down from High Junk Peak there are a few smaller hills to climb before you descend through the forest to Clear Water Bay Road where you can catch a bus back to Hang Hau.