Four peaks, lots of steps and an amazing 360 panorama. This hike takes you coast to coast on Hong Kong Island.

Starting on Stanley Gap Road, just above Stanley this 13 km walk first takes you up and over The Twins. This first section is mainly on concrete steps but affords magnificent views over Hong Kong Islands southern region. The next section brings you through the heart of the island’s wildernes as you climb Violet Hill surrounded by green mountains.

Stand a top the second of three peaks on Violet Hill and enjoy views down Aberdeen and Victoria harbours before slowly descending down to Park View. Here you can enjoy a midway lunch at the hotel or find picnic supplies in the supermarket.

The second half is equally enjoyable as you first climb to Jardine’s lookout for an open view down Victoria Harbour before taking the Wilson Trail along the amazing Siu Ma Shan ridge down to Quarry Bay.

Save this one for a clear day to get a very different perspective of Hong Kong Island.

Distance: 13km

 Difficulty: 3

  Time: 5 Hours


Jump off the bus or taxi where Repulse Bay Road meets Stanley Gap Road and look for a small path that takes you up to a catch water. Turn right until you hit the Wilson Trail where you follow it up the steps.

The next two kilometers will take you 250m up the twin peaks and then a sharp decent back down. Keep following the signs straight to Violet Hill as you go over a river at the bottom. The mountain has three peaks, the first of which the main path takes you across. As you reach the summit you will see a second peak off to your left. Take the left path to reach it as it is from there the best views can be found.

From the second peak carry on straight down the hill along the path that takes you down to the Wong Nai Chung reservoir. Turn right at the water heading up the hill along Tai Tam Reservoir Road to Park View.

Before you reach Park View look for a left turn signposted as the Wilson and Hong Kong Trail. Follow the signs up to Jardine’s Lookout and then continue along both trails until they split. At this junction turn left along the Wilson Trail that will take you along the Siu Ma Shan ridge and down to Quarry Bay.