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DJ and Jack jump back on their bikes to go visit the 385-meter Light Rock Buddha Waterfall. DJ loses his drone and Jack takes the easy way back down the mountain, before both walk into the ancient town of Tucheng.

In this episode Jack and DJ park their bikes and get on the river, kayaking 6 km down to the old town of Bing An. Jack gets his own back on DJ by making him abseil down a bridge. There’s also a museum visit to get a sense of what took place here during the Long March.

The 154-km Chishui Valley bike trail runs between Maotai and Chishui towns in Guizhou, China. After checking the local rice wine in Maotai, DJ and Jack take on the first half of the trail by bike before DJ tricks Jack into testing a zip line that’s being newly installed.

In the first episode of a new series from Guizhou, China, DJ and Jack arrive in the provincial capital Guiyang and set off on a mountain walk within the city. Much to their surprise they discover a challenging 10 km walk full of fascinating distractions along the way.

In the last episode of our photography series, Andy and DJ head over to Macao to see if they can photograph the iconic St. Paul’s facade and a bird’s-eye view from the tower. Both pictures have been done many times before, but can our two snappers come up with something different?

Still searching for great photographs of Hong Kong, DJ and Andy first take a bike ride around a rural island before heading to a fireworks display over Victoria Harbour. Who got the best shot? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

DJ and Andy are on day three of their photographic adventure in Hong Kong. In this episode they start with a hike up Lantau Peak to photograph dawn, followed by a visit to a street parade. Let us know what you think of their final pictures in your comments below.

DJ and Andy continue their quest to shoot ten great photographs of Hong Kong. This episode was shot on Chinese New Year’s Eve as they visit a bustling flower market before heading to a small temple to see the New Year in.

In the first of a new series, DJ starts a photography tour of Hong Kong with his friend, Andy, who is visiting for a few days. In this episode, they head to Jardine’s Lookout for a panoramic shot over the city, and then into a housing estate for some colorful architecture.

DJ and Jack are almost finished with the Shangri-La adventure. Just enough time for a walk along the enchanting Gongga River. Watch them as they take one last walk before leaving the Hengduan Mountains. Also check out the documentary they went there to film at Details of the guides can be found on our website at