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Tiger’s Nest

Perched 3000 meters above sea level, the Tiger’s Nest is one of Bhutan’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s a good three-hour trek to make it up the 900-meter climb at high altitude. Not one to be missed if you’re lucky enough to get the visa to Bhutan.

Eight sided village

Last in the series of our photography challenge, Nick with his full DSLR kit takes on DJ with just a drone and phone. They head out into the countryside to shoot down a river at dawn and then over to an octagon village. Who has the best picture? Let us know in the comments below.

Star town

Fourth in the Snap Scrap series and DJ and Nick head out of Hong Kong to Zhaoqing, just a one and half hour fast train away. Short travel time, but a completely different landscape with an old walled city and a classic Chinese park to photograph. Who gets the best picture? Watch and let us know in the comments.

Fish peaking

Third in the series, DJ and Nick photograph the Aberdeen Harbor in the early light before heading up to Victoria Peak for sunset. Two classic Hong Kong tourist spots, but can either of them get a unique view with their cameras?

Surf & Turf

Second in the series of the Drone and Phone Snap Scrap, DJ and Nick take the boat out to Grass Island to battle once more. Who has the better picture— Pro photographer Nick with his big Nikon or DJ sporting a drone and phone?

Running Seoul

In the first of a new series DJ starts in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, where he goes on a long run to acquaint himself with the layout of the city, while reminiscing about tackling the tallest peak, the Hallasan volcano.

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Off-piste at Chishui

In the last in their Guizhou series, DJ and Jack start on the Chishui River where they find rapids a little too strong for them. After drying off, they hop on motorbike taxis to go inland away from the crowds where they find more waterfalls and a charming little village.

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The waterfall

DJ and Jack jump back on their bikes to go visit the 385-meter Light Rock Buddha Waterfall. DJ loses his drone and Jack takes the easy way back down the mountain, before both walk into the ancient town of Tucheng.