Monthly Archives: September 2016

A drive away from Yang Shuo lies what has got to be one of China’s most magnificent sights. The Long Ji Rice Terraces pour off the towering mountains, creating a mesmerizing locale for an exploration on foot – if time allows, spend a couple of days here.

Yang Shuo has many beautiful fresh mountain springs and rivers, tumbling off the mountains. And now, you can tumble off them too! Grab a buddy, jump in a rubber raft and follow the rapids – warning: you may split your sides from all the laughs and excitement of this adventure.

The dramatic karst scenery of Yang Shuo is a climber’s paradise, and provides the perfect location to learn, or enhance, your crag-clinging skills! Try not to fall off as you admire the natural beauty from a different perspective…

The first in the new series in a stunning new location – Drone and Phone takes the adventure to Yangshuo in Guangxi province, China! Lose yourself in the laid-back life and the wonderful sights of the area on a leisurely cycle ride. Just a taste of what’s to come!

This week Drone and Phone takes a diversion back to biking the beautiful Lamma Island in southern Hong Kong. Shooting the original episode, where David Ogg takes us through biking safety, was cut short by rain so here we return with him to finish the job. Please note David is an experienced mountain biker and riding at speed down these trails can be dangerous for both the rider and walkers. In the making of this video we sent someone in advance to check the paths were clear of walkers  which we would also recommend for anyone seeking the trill of speed on these paths.