Monthly Archives: August 2016

Hong Kong, and its many islands and bays, is a fantastic place to explore by boat. Sailing is an exciting adventure that will brighten up any day, so get rigging those sails to harness the sea breezes. To check out Hobie catamaran sailing: See the map for Tai Tam Bay

To escape the monotony of city living, head over to Hoi Ha Wan, in Saikung‬ West Country Park, to grab a snorkel and see the life beneath the waves in the “Bay beneath the sea.” Suitable for sun-seekers, and adventurers alike – bring the whole family! See more information of How Ha Wan and a map HERE

  Located to the West of Sai Kung Country Park, Ma On Shan‬ is a dramatic and beautiful country park to explore. For those with a real hunger for adrenaline, be sure to tackle this gorge walk‬ – zip lines and abseils optional. See the map for the Ma On Shan country trail

  Lamma‬ Island might be better known for its laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, but, tucked away on a small beach is the Lamma Outrigger ‪Canoe Club, where the energetic and active can get involved in island life, and come to train and compete in this niche, growing paddlesports. See more information about the Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club HERE

Big Wave Bay is one of Hong Kong Island’s most scenic beaches‬, and the only one officially recognized for surfing‬. Come here to escape the city and the heat of summer‬; to cool off and maybe get a few thrills, rent a board and get out on the water. See more information and a map HERE