To Zabala

DJ, Jack and Simon set off into the mountains in their search for Shangri-La on a long climb up to a 4,700 meter pass. Simon looks for wild animal tracks, Jack looses his water bottle and DJ takes a dip in the fountain of youth.

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Journey to Muli

In the first of a new series looking for Shangri-La, DJ, Jack and Simon set off from Lijiang on a two day road trip to the start of an old Joseph Rock trail in Muli County, Sichuan Province. Follow them over the next five weeks as they trek up into the mountains on a search for the origins of Shangri-La.

Where is Shangri-La?

Two explorers set off to southwest China in search of the elusive Shangri-La.

Taking a cue from links between the book Lost Horizon, and Joseph Rock’s travel stories published in National Geographic, we embark on an arduous quest.

Could the mythical place be based on Muli in Sichuan?